How do I sell my Jeep?

There are two different ways you can sell your Jeep. 

1. A live 7 day auction. For a $49 listing fee.

2. A classified ad that runs until your Jeep sells. For a $29 Listing fee.

Click on "Sign up" and create an account it's FREE. Then click on "Sell" and then click on "Select Category" and choose "Cars" then choose either "Auction" or "Classified" for listing type. Enter your Jeep's info, up to 50 pics, and even a video (if you like).  Then submit. It's that easy!!

How do I sell a part?

For only $1 you can list a Jeep part or accessory. The ad will run until sold or a maximum of 1 year. 

Click on " Sign Up" and create an account it's FREE. Then click on "Sell" and then click on "Select Category" and choose "Parts" then choose "Product" for listing type. Enter your part info, up to 50 pics, and even a video (if you like). Then submit. It's that easy!!!

How much are the buyer fees?

 THERE ARE NO BUYER FEES FOR THE JEEP OR PART CLASSIFIED ADS. There is a 3% buyer fee for the winning auction bidder of the 7 day live auctions. This is a great savings as most auctions charge 5% or more for buyer fees. It is 3% of the total winning bid, which will be charged to the credit card we have on file. For example, if the winning bid is $10,000 the buyer fee would be $300. You must register to be able to bid on the 7 day live auctions.

How do the auctions work?

You can choose from a "reserve" auction, you set the "reserve", the minimum price you would sell your Jeep for. Keep in mind to make the "reserve"  price reasonable, as there is a better chance of selling your Jeep. The "reserve" price will be unknown to the bidders. Or you can choose a "NO reserve" auction, which means there is NO minimum price, the highest bid wins the car. You CANNOT have your Jeep listed up for auction on another live auction website while your Jeep is up for auction and live on JeeperExchange.com

How does the bidding work?

You must register to be able to bid on the 7 day live auctions. You then bid whatever amount you wish to pay for the Jeep. Once the auction comes close to ending and a bid is placed, the auction will be reset 2 minutes after each bid until the bidding stops. If the final bid is over the "reserve price" you have won the Jeep. If it is a "NO reserve" auction the final bid wins the Jeep.

What happens after I win the auction?

If you are the winning bidder, JeeperExchange.com will provide you with the seller's contact information. You and the seller will work out the details of payment and pick up for the Jeep. Completion of the transaction is between the buyer and the seller. You pay the seller directly for the Jeep, not through this website. We recommend wire transfers or cashier's checks or other traceable means.

What happens if the reserve isn't met?

If the highest bid fails to meet the "reserve". JeeperExchange.com will contact the seller and highest bidder and try to work out a deal. If a deal is NOT made. The seller may relist their Jeep on our classified ads for FREE.

What if the winning bidder doesn't buy the car?

It's very uncommon the winning bidder doesn't follow through with the purchase, but if this does occur, the buyer will forfeit their 3% buyer fee and be permanently banned from JeeperExchange.com. JeeperExchange.com assumes NO liability for non payment of auctioned Jeeps.

We will then work with the next highest bidder to try and work out a deal for the Jeep. If no deal can be worked out we will relist your Jeep for free.

Is there proxy bidding?

No, whatever you bid is the amount that is shown. For example, If the current high bid is $10,000 and you bid $12,000, the current high bid will immediately go to $12,000.

Can I lower my reserve once the auction has started?

Yes, just contact us and we will lower it to whatever price you decide on.

Can I make comments on the listings?

Yes, you can make public comments on every listing on this site, from the live auctions to the classifieds and even the parts. You must create an account. It's FREE. Then just click the "comment" button next to the listing. NO foul language or derogatory comments please! JeeperExchange.com reserves the right to moderate and remove comments that violate our terms of service, local and federal laws, or contain derogatory comments.

How do I sign up?

It's FREE to sign up. Click on "Sign Up" in the top right hand corner of the Homepage and fill in all your info and submit. It's that easy!!

Can I end my auction early (before the scheduled end date and time)?

Yes, but ONLY if the highest bid is below the set reserve price on a "Reserve Auction" or if there have been NO bids placed on a "No Reserve Auction".

Can I relist my car?

Yes, If NO deal was made on your 7 day live auction, you can move to the "Classified" section for FREE.  

How do I pay for my part?

Once you click on the " Buy Now" button, completion of the transaction is between you and the seller. All payments and arranging of shipping or pick up is between you and the seller, NO payments of parts are made through this website. JeeperExchange.com assumes NO liability for nonpayment of sold items.